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Spades Club


The first free to play Spades Game in Google Play Store that offers online & offline options up to 4 players, never ceasing and the Bot substitutes for the seat of the left players.Pick up one and PLAY ; Trump Spades, Auction, Tarneeb
All game modes; Trump Spades, Auction, Tarneeb, in Spades Club are traditional trick-taking card games like Spades, Hearts, Euchre & Canasta.
★ TRUMP SPADES is similar to regular SPADES but it is played solo. Trump is always spades like Spades.
★ AUCTION is similar to TRUMP SPADES but trump is changeable. Each player in turn must either pass or name a bid. The highest bidder wins auction and name a trump suit. If the first three players pass, the next player of the dealer is forced to bid 4 and name a trump suit.
★ TARNEEB is similar to AUCTION but it is played in pairs. Bidding and naming trump is like AUCTION. The difference is , teammateof the highest bidder opens his/her hand to the table and everybody sees it. The highest bidder must play these cards.
FEATURES:★ Use the DISCOVERY option for MATCHING with new people !★ Keep Coming every day and MAXIMIZE YOUR DAILY BONUS!★ CHALLENGE the online users and show everybody your power!★ PLAY with your online FRIENDS,★ SOCIALIZE by chatting with other players,★ Make your buddies happy by sending amazing GIFTS,
VIP CLUB PRIVILEGES:★ See WHO VIEWS your profile,★ ADD other players to your BUDDY LIST,★ Highlight your profile in DISCOVERY LIST and boost up your MATCHES
We care about your privacy and comfort. You can turn off the options that you do not want to use and report users who disturb/abuse easily.
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